The MDFD’s ultrasonic dry fog systems are used in a large range of application as  the cheese factories, greenhouses, wheat grass, sprout and grain germination farms, poultry farms, warehouses and refrigeration rooms, mushrooms growing farms, bakeries, paper printing and wood processing, wine cellars, laboratories at the university researcher centers, livestock farms etc.

The dry fog dissipates in the air very easily, eliminating the need of any particular distributing system (even in quite larger rooms), the relative humidity balancing itself in a very short period of time in the location used.

The ultrasonic fogging technology is used also to transport water soluble products (insecticides, disinfectants, coatings) to the fogged area. The products will be broken down at the same time as water and will become part of the droplets penetrating most hard places to treat (inside ventilation systems and ducts, under plant leaves, etc.).