Greenhouse, producer of vegetables, fruits and plant nursery

Growers are using our MDFD, ultrasonic fog generator, for plant propagation, seed germination and tissue culture. Installation cost reduction compare to other systems, low maintenance, and complete humidity control.

The benefits for seed germination are the high rate of humidity penetration inside the seeds and growing medium, faster and better germination.

For propagation, the MDFD ultrasonic fog systems, create no stress on plants, no yellowing and  softening  of the leaves, no wilting, no free water who causes diseases of the plants,  better watering control, ideal environment for faster root formation, lost reduction in longer root formation variety and improved higher quality clones.

No water deposit on plants, walls, floors, installation cost reduction compare to other systems, low maintenance, complete humidity control and time savings are just some of the advantages of using the dry fog systems.