Mushrooms growing farms

Mushroom growing needs also a high relative humidity (around 90%). The same difficulties as in food storage and cheese ripening are rising when using traditional methods of producing humidity.

Using the MDFD ultrasound dry fog systems and the humidity controller HT2 prevent those   those problems. The dry fog has the particularity to stay floating in the air and can climb up to 97% relative humidity without water condensation and water deposits on the mushrooms, equipment and the growing rooms .

Having no water deposit on perishables, eliminates spoilage and improves the quality, appearances, hardness and the freshness of the products. The ability to raise relative humidity over 90% in growing and storage rooms, able the stored products to avoid important weight lost, 5% to 20% , being a great benefit for our clients.

Our mushroom farm clients confirm a serious accelerated growth rate of cultures since they use the dry fog systems.