Aliments storage warehouses and refrigeration rooms

The dry fog produced by the MDFD ultrasonic systems has the particularity to stay floating in the air and climb up to 97% relative humidity without water condensation and deposits on the products stored (fruits, vegetables, flowers, seedlings, eggs, cheese, mushrooms, fish, meat, bread), floors, walls, equipment ,packaging materials (paper, cardboard and wood, etc.). 

Having no water deposit on perishables, eliminates spoilage and improves the quality, appearances, hardness and the freshness of the products. The ability to raise relative humidity over 90% in food storage warehouses and refrigeration rooms, able the stored products to avoid important weight lost, 5% to 20%, being a great benefit to our clients.

The “dry fog” dissipate in the air very easily, resulting on not needing any particular distributing system (even in quite larger rooms) relative humidity balancing itself in a very short period of time.