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In September 2017, Theotek Groupe Inc. becomes the exclusive manufacturer of the MDFD line of products and related parts, after collaborating, for the past 20 years, with the company Frapa Plastique Inc. and her owner Mr. Frank Wolf, a pioneer and innovator in the hydroponic and plastic molding field.

Theotek Groupe Inc. wants to continue to promote and implement the ultrasonic dry fog technology , a new way to produce humidity without damaging the environment where is used, increase productivity and maintaining an excellent quality of the products is used for.

Theotek Groupe Inc. is committed to meet our customer’s high-quality requirements and to improve and maintain the satisfaction of our clients for the services we provide.

We are developing and manufacturing all our products in the province of Quebec, Canada. The products are easy to use, environmentally friendly with a big and positive impact on the applications they are used for.

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