We are here to help

Our customer service is at your disposal to assist you, 24 h, with questions regarding installation, functionality and the replacement parts for our MDFD’s ultrasonic systems.

Having all replacement parts, always, in stock, our customer service department can send you, in a delay of 24h, the parts requested so your systems will be up and running without any inconvenience.

At the request of new or current customers, we can visit and inspect your plants, listen to your requirements and offer you the optimal solutions for your project applications. We will be happy to share with you our experience, from our past installations, that may be able to help your company for future projects.

A yearly maintenance of our MDFD ultrasonic systems is available, as a service, if requested, which will help to keep your systems functional for many years.

You can always reach our Customer service at (514)892-0246 or by email at info@theotekgroup.com